Germinates 2.0 Review & Tutorial – Best Affiliate Marketing,Tracking And Ecommerce Software

  • Germinates 2.0 affiliate management system is the best complete cloud based platform that allows you to create unlimited campaigns and integrate with your unlimited online products, services or stores.
  • Register Unlimited affiliates or vendors for promoting your campaigns and share a Commission from your profit system integrations by using system integrations.

You can see Germinates 2.0 Review details here

You will be able to create an integration to any site that is running on a live server and that you have access to the site code server side.
The most popular supported integrations that can be integrated with our system our Pay Commission per clicks,
  • Pay Commission for sales,
  • Pay Commission for Leeds
  • Pay Commission per actions
  • Pay Commission.For registrations, Pay Commission for membership plans,
  • Pay Commission per ML M applying activity 100%,

Germinates 2.0 Review & Tutorial - Best Affiliate Marketing,Tracking And Ecommerce Software
Germinates 2.0 Review & Tutorial – Best Affiliate Marketing,Tracking And Ecommerce Software

You can refer to the Germinates 2.0 Homepage for more information

Integrations with the most popular frameworks slash slash stores WooCommerce integration, 
  • Opencart integration,
  • Shopify Integration,
  • Magento Integration,
  • Prestashop integration.
  • Codeigniter integration,
  • Laravel integration,
  • Cached PHP integration,
  • Symphony integration,
  • Zen CART integration?
  • Tegration Truman Integration,
  • Bigcommerce integration Oscar Merce integration,
  • scarred integration,
  • custom PHP site integration,
  • custom JavaScript site integration.
Marketing module by using the marketing module you will be able to integrate an affiliate program with your own external site or store. You will be able to create unlimited integrations and to create your own affiliates network with all of your sites or stores under one platform.
MDMA duel by using the  module will be able to motivate your affiliates by sharing a plein Commission to all the affiliates that will be up to the affiliate that promotes your campaign.
In this way, anyone will want to be your affiliate as he will understand he is going to get a regular stable Commission.
The E commerce module allows you to manage all your online business in one place without any need to create an online store or any external website, as you can use the script ecommerce to sell your products.
The most important is that ecommerce auto generates the share links for your Affiliates without doing anything.

A few more advantages are that you do not need to work on two systems and synchronize data between two sites as the script gives you the full solution of the store and online forms with a full affiliate program in one place.
Is that amazing? 

Germinates 2.0
Germinates 2.0


Sell More With The Power Of Affiliate Marketing,Tracking And Ecommerce Software, Increase Your Sales Exponentially And Keep Your Business Growing.
Get Started Today And Let Thousands of Affiliates Do All The Work For You!


  • Push Button Setup – Simple Setup Wizard To Start Pushing Your Traffic Through Germinates 2.0


  • Connect Any Site or Software Start Selling Without Any Additional Work


  • Gain Access To a Massive Untapped Audience, Publish And Reach New Audiences

Do I Need Germinates 2.0 For My Business? YES You Do!

  • Promote Your Services & Products Track Everything & Pay Commissions
  • Drive traffic to your website Earn from your own users without doing anything!
  • Increase sales on your website Turn your site into an income multi-level marketing system
  • Generate leads & pay commissions Track Site clicks, landing page clicks, Store Sales, Leads, Action
  • Better SEO and search engine results Register forms – Register membership – Register users and many more integrations types…

E-commerce Module Manager

Don’t you have a website or online store to integrate with an affiliate program? Don’t worry, we already thought about that for you, Germinates 2.0 System comes with a complete online store module that you can run at the same time you even can manage an affiliate commission program! All this includes no extra fee with our item..
SellPhysical/Downloadable/virtual Products, A full checkout process includes the most popular live payment getaways, unique url links and name for your e-commerce store.


  • Manage your Ads from one tool
  • Super Advanced Market Tool
  • Banner Ads Manager
  • Video Ads Manager
  • One-click get code to site
  • Manage your transactions with a recurring manager
  • Recurring Integration with your site/store and our integrated flagship e-commerce store.
  • Set a recurring cycle to any transaction
  • Set a recurring to any Ads you create
  • Set a schedule for any recurring integration
  • Play And Stop any running recurring transaction
It allows you to create an affiliate program integration with any site or use our flagship e-commerce store with a full list of supported technologies. You install ready to plug & play plugins to the supported CMS without touching any code and in 5 mins only!
Integrate with unlimited website and unlimited tracking. For other frameworks, you will need to place the integration code manually inside your site header and your order confirmation page as well. We have full documentation for this case .
The script comes with a full-order API integration library if you need to create your own custom integration. We are offering a custom integration for any case with your site, just contact us please and we will give you the best offer we can with our service.
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