Viral Lead Funnels Review – Best Tool Generate All The Leads 2022

Viral Lead Funnels Review – Effortlessly Generate All The Leads

Viral Lead Funnels Review
Viral Lead Funnels Review

What Is Viral Lead Funnels?

Viral Lead Funnels is a funnel lead generation tool with Revolutionary Viral Loop & Gamification Funnel Technology for people and businesses. Help users save time and production costs. accelerate the development process of the company with high convenience and efficiency.

You can see more information about Viral Lead Funnels here.

  • How would you like to multiply your leads? What if you can increase your volume by 350% and that too without touching your agile? Would you be interested? 

Who wouldn’t want to get more leads?The hack that I’m about to tell you about has been earlier used by big and I mean huge names like PayPal and Uber .
In fact, this hack is the main reason as to why they are as big as they are today.Trials seeing their success, many other companies invested big money to increase leads.
Later, more leads means more sales and more profits, presenting Viral Lead Funnels, a brand new software that helps you build Viral Lead Funnels in minutes.
Trying like more leads use these. Viral Lead Funnels helps you set a viral loop in motion that generate leads on autopilot.

Use this to drive more traffic sales and grow your business or that of your clients. 

Viral Lead Funnels Review
Viral Lead Funnels Review

Funnel Lead Generation – Here’s how it works.

1. people sign up on your viral funnels you could create.These in under 2 minutes. You need no technical skills or any prior experience when they sign up, they immediately get something of value.

Viral Lead Funnels Marketing
Viral Lead Funnels Marketing

2. These subscribers then get their own unique link to share your campaigns with their friends and family. To unlock further rewards.

funnel leads marketing
Funnel Leads Marketing

3. the system rates of viral loop, where every new subscriber goes through the same two steps and sends you even more subscribers with Viral Lead Funnels. You could easily create viral contests, giveaways, sweepstakes, or even a viral. Waiting list in just two minutes.

Funnel Lead Generation
Funnel Lead Generation

The built in Page builder helps you create beautiful landing pages and thrive pages for your lead funnel. Viral Lead Funnels is just loaded with advanced features like social sharing of your campaigns to help you get free traffic and leads urgency time that can be added to your campaigns.

Click here to view detailed information about Viral Lead Funnels

Exit intent popups to convert visitors who are just about to leave your page. Detailed analytics, tracking and retargeting etc. The software supports multiple languages over 60 of them trying to check out all the details on this page below.

Viral Lead Funnels Oto
Viral Lead Funnels Oto

Frankly, I’ve only scratched the surface in this video of what Viral Lead Funnels. Can do for you. It takes just two minutes to start a campaign and complete funnel that generates a viral loop to pull leads in on complete autopilot with Viral Lead Funnels, you won’t need any experience.
  • Now before I go, I must tell you.One more thing, only during this special launch you could get commercial rights to Viral Lead Funnels without upgrading.
  • That’s right, the exclusive bonuses lined up on the page are also available only during this launch.
Viral Lead Funnels is at the moment available at a massively discounted one time price.That will increase to a much higher recurring fee payable monthly. Trying here. So go ahead, check the rest of the features out under this video and make sure you get early access with all the benefits included today.
Through before our special Founders deal expires, you have nothing to worry about as you are covered by 30 days. Money back guarantee. See you inside the members area.

Viral Lead Funnels Tutorial

Going to show you how the world’s most complete viral funnel builder will grow your audience and bank accounts like never before and started today.

  • Now. This creates a viral loop where every new subscriber goes through the same exact two steps and send you even more.
  • Now, with Viral Lead Funnels, you can easily create.Viral contests, giveaways, sweepstakes. Try even a viral waiting list in just minutes.
  • Let’s get started by creating a new campaign. You could choose if you want to use our landing page builder to create a new landing page for your campaign, or you want to create a widget that you can embed on your current page.

Builder like click funnels, WordPress pages, funnel video and any other page builder you could build from scratch or choose from any of our done for you templates.

  • But in this case let’s build from scratch trial first step is to create a landing page for your campaign.
  • Now you create more than one. And test for the winner drag and drop sections to build your landing page. You can delete any section or rearrange the section trial. Everything is editable.

Let’s start by editing the text. You can also modify the backgrounds of any section. You could upload images from your computer to the gallery or choose from a library of over 7,000,000 royalty free stock images to make your page beautiful.This is a smart opt in form right here and you can choose either a direct opt in form like this or a term step opt in form. 

Now the two step opt in when require your visitors to click on a button before the opt in form of peers.

  • As a pop up, this makes use of a psychological principle called commitment and consistency because visitors have completed the first step by clicking the button, they’re more likely to do the second action enter the email.

If you choose the two steps, you could preview and edit the pop up.

Also you can enable the opt in with Facebook button to allow your visitors to subscribe to your list through their Facebook account.

So you capture their best email address. You could also kill three birds with one stone by building SMS, email and messenger list all at the same time.You can enable Messenger opt in and paste your messenger bot opt in code right here. Now this is to create urgency and get your visitors to take action. You could set up Evergreen right countdown timers.

Now there’s also a library of objects, illustrations and transparent people images that you can you.Trial.Let’s save and preview our page.

Sales Lead Funnel
Sales Lead Funnel

Nice.Let’s edit the editor and proceed with our campaign. 

Let’s proceed to configure the rewards. These are the  incentives your subscribers will get when they share your campaign and invite their friends to sign up. 

  • Now the first reward we set up for this campaign. Buy Now

Users will unlock this reward when they get three points. The reward type is a coupon. Enter the coupon code that will be given to users when they unlock this reward.

The next reward is a PDF file we could redirect to a URL and enter the download page.Or we can upload the file directly right here.

Third reward is an appointment.

We can deliver this reward by email or we redirect users to a calendly appointment booking page.

Now let’s proceed to actions here. You could set how many points you want to reward users for.Each action completed, let’s set to reward a subscriber 10 points for everybody they refer to sign up.

You could also reward points for each share on different social media platforms. You can create custom actions to reward points for any type of action you want, like join my Facebook group, subscribe to my YouTube channel.Comment on my post.

You are only limited by your imagination. You could set a verification question to prevent people from cheating. Old.Now let’s create a thank you page.

The software allows you to create multiple thank you pages. Just drag and drop any section you want and edit.

The social tab allows you to control how your campaign appears on social media. When subscribers share their unique link.

Here you can customize the email notifications like the email users get when they register and when they unlock rewards emails are sent from our servers, but you have the option to use your own custom SMTP.

Leads are stored for anyone can be exported is CSV, but you also have the option to connect directly to third party auto responders and Zapier.

You could set up your own custom domain for a full white label solution. You could paste any custom script here like Google and Facebook retargeting pixels. With this feature you could set up links that automatically sign up.Anyone who clicks converting all your existing subscribers into brand ambassadors. This will prevent people who already signed up from doing so yet again.

Now our campaign is ready trial.We have a nice dashboard here to track and analyze your campaigns performance. Let’s preview the campaign.

Your visitor sign up. Received their lead magnet and then share their unique link and get their friends to sign up to. Once they reach specified milestones, they unlock rewards.

The system creates viral loop where every new subscriber goes through the same two steps and sends you even more subscribers.

This is really nothing but word of mouth advertising taken to the next level. The exact same strategy and technology used successfully by Airbnb.D

  • ropbox and Uber, the same technology I used to generate 11,000 subscribers from 1000, visitors the same technology now available to you, packed into an easy to use yet super powerful cloud based software.

Now, I’m sure you could see how powerful this tool is.And why this is something you need in your business. Imagine if you had to go and do everything I just showed you manually or use different tools to achieve it or pay others to do it for you. 

We have step by step tutorials to guide you through everything and also our team is on standby to help if you get stuck, go ahead and grab your access.

sales viral lead funnel

sales viral lead funnel
sales viral lead funnel


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